How D2 lives its ‘People’ values

What is D2’S approach to career development?

D2’s approach to professional and personal development is based on years of experience in cultivating all round, highly capable professionals. Thanks to the introduction of the D2 Career Path Framework, D2 are able to map out the professional theory and practical based experience required to seek development and progression within the organisation. For the practical side of development D2 have introduced the Competency framework, which defines what staff need to be able to do via business and functional competence per role. Through the competency assessment D2 can specifically target areas of development and provide their staff with the opportunities to gain valuable experience to develop both their own skills and the offering of D2.


Working alongside like-minded individuals who have a passion for challenging themselves, developing, and always learning is core to D2. The opportunity to work alongside professional mentors is something that can add huge value to professional development. In the following example D2’s Head of Programme Management Troy Lancaster supported D2 Project Manager Tom Mansbridge to develop and progress within the business in a short period of time through D2’s 121 mentoring programme.

Case Study – Tom Mansbridge

D2 knows it is only as good as its people and therefore ensures its people values is at the heart of everything it does. Tom Mansbridge is an example of how D2 has supported and developed one of its staff through both personal and professional development.

Originally from a banking and finance background Tom was leading teams early on in his career before moving into project management seven years ago where he has built his project career within the Rail and Utilities industries in both the private and public sectors.

Tom Joined D2 two years ago with the intention of finding likeminded individuals who were passionate about working on complex projects and expanding their knowledge globally. D2 has enabled Tom to accelerate his learning and development through working on major programmes such as the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU) and Metrolinx GO Expansion Program (Canada), in addition to providing the supporting career path and competency frameworks. This has enabled Tom to be promoted to Senior Project Manager within just 12 months. Most recently D2 have facilitated and supported Tom with the opportunity to relocate to Canada with his family, with the intention of supporting business growth across Canada and North America.

Professional Achievements 

D2 have supported Tom with his professional development in the following ways:

  • Support and mentorship throughout Tom’s master’s degree in project management – Finding colleagues who had studied to a high level with D2 helped Tom seek support and advice to complete his master’s degree.
  • Professional qualifications – as part of D2’s Project Management Career Path Framework D2 paid and supported Tom to obtain the Association for Project Management Project Professional Qualification (APM PPQ). This is a Level 5 qualification to demonstrate Tom has met the expectations of a Senior PM with D2.
  • International consultant – Tom’s success on TRU enabled him to interview for promotion to Senior Project Manager and apply a role in Canada as an International Consultant.
  • International Major Programmes experience – Tom is currently leading the development and implementation of a Canadian Project Delivery Readiness and assurance Standard for c.87 projects on the $50bn Metrolinx Go Expansion Program and supporting the Vice President of D2 Infrastructure in D2’s Canadian and North American Expansion.


  • Working as an international consultant on the Metrolinx Go Expansion Program – The world of project management consulting on a global scale can be a challenging one, as Tom found on his first day in the hybrid role of Lead Project Manager in Standards Development. Building new relationships and working in a different culture environment is a challenge for anyone working in a new team let alone a new team in a different country. With the help of his D2 mentor, Tom navigated the new environment efficiently and saw this and an opportunity to prove his capability. Since working on the program he has had some outstanding feedback from client leaders, project teams and colleagues within his 10 months in role.
  • Managing APM PPQ study and assessment around transition to Canada workstream – Completing a handover on a major piece of signalling enabling works on TRU is one thing, doing this while transitioning onto a new project in a different country along with completing one of the APM’s most difficult professional qualifications is another. Tom undertook his APM Project Professional Qualification while juggling major project deadlines. The exam involved countless evening and weekend studies to prepare for the three-parts that consisted of a Role Play Scenario, an Oral Exam, and a Written Report. D2 as a business supported him throughout providing flexibility, advice, and encouragement.
  • Relocating to Canada – the most recent challenge Tom has faced is undoubtedly relocation. To make this as easy as possible, D2 have provided outstanding support to move Tom and his family. This included but not limited to: arranging Visa’s, recommending Estate agents, and providing a relocation allowance to make the transition as smooth as possible. The next steps Tom intends to build on his experience in project consulting, client, and business management to support D2’s growth. Canada.

“Tom is a model example of someone who has embraced the opportunities within D2, to enable him to have a rapid progression in his career.” – Troy Lancaster, Head of Programme Management, D2.

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