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Construction is changing. The increasing availability of data, and the opportunities that it presents, are transforming the way the industry works. People need the ability to effectively interpret data and understand concepts quickly. And they need to be able to share it easily.

Visualisation is the solution.

It’s the most inclusive way of communicating with the widest possible audience. And it has multiple benefits revolutionising quality, health and safety, and sustainability. Visualisation is also key to supporting tenders, consents submissions, and stakeholder engagement.

As Digital Technology, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Planning specialists, D2 has the expert capability to offer bespoke visual solutions. Our visualisations transform big data, or technical design concepts into something that anyone, from a toddler to a 90-year-old, can understand. Visualisation means nothing gets lost in translation.

So, whether you need to test concepts, develop designs, bid for contracts, manage consents, plan delivery, or operate and maintain infrastructure, one of our four solutions will help you succeed.

Bespoke software – making your data more manageable and meaningful

Nobody likes sifting through data, trying to figure out what it all means. It can be tedious and time-consuming, and mistakes are easy to make. People would rather just understand it, effortlessly.

Our unparalleled experience in data analysis, web design and desktop software development, offers bespoke solutions to every scenario. Focused on eliminating manual, time consuming tasks, our automation and software specialists transform data input and management. They can also tailor packages to manipulate data, using clever analytics to create vibrant dashboards and graphics.

Let us take the strain, assess your requirements, and create a solution to exactly fit your needs, and your budget. You’ll wonder how you managed before!

3D models, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) – safe, informative experiences

You don’t have to wait until your project is built to see it and interact with it. 3D models, AR and VR are highly informative and effective tools, used by a growing number of businesses to keep people safe, enhance efficiency, and deliver projects right first time.

From simple 3D models to full AR/VR experiences, we can create immersive, interactive environments where you can navigate your project before it becomes reality. You can identify clashes, spot hazards, develop designs, and plan delivery around different constraints. The same technology can help you to communicate key benefits to everyone who might be affected, gaining buy-in from stakeholders to end users.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Using the latest video game design technologies to model real-world environments and set objectives, our gamified training and induction programs familiarise users with project locations, layouts, and equipment, before setting foot on site. Interactive, score-based systems engage users and keep their attention, getting key messages across in a stimulating and inclusive way. No more reading, form filling, or translation.

What can Digital Technology do for you?

2D visualisations – getting your message across, fast

A picture paints a thousand words. Visualisation is an effective way to give your tender the competitive edge, keep people safe, or engage with stakeholders. From early concept through to handover, we can help you to really get your proposals across.

We can create simple infographics and images. Or we can combine photo imagery and digital renders to create photomontages which form a composite snapshot of the real world with your proposals superimposed.

Our team’s vast experience in the creation and delivery (presentation) of high-quality 2D imagery will save on written words whilst making your message resonate strongly with you audience.

Animations and 4D visualisations

3D visualisations are fast becoming standard planning, design, tendering, and delivery tools. But animation is an increasingly essential part of project development, bringing imagery to life.

Our planning and visualisation teams combine detailed design models with a planning schedules to create dynamic 4D construction sequences, capable of being updated simultaneously with model data and planning changes. So, you can immediately understand the impact of even the smallest adjustments.

Alongside true 4D, we can provide a variety of formats from fly through animations, to informative sequencing guides which engage and excite in a way that conventional presentations cannot match.

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