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D2 can offer tailored and impartial advice on Information Management and Document Control. Our Information management Team have a track record of delivering holistic management of project information and understand the challenges and complexities which arise from project to project. Within our team, we have dedicated individuals who have gained a wealth of experience in various systems, keeping abreast of best practice procedures and industry standards. The team can advise on the setup and maintenance of your chosen system as well as provide training and ongoing support.

Information Management Strategy

D2 can provide an Information Management Strategy for your project by assessing your current setup, evaluating where problems may arise, and improvements can be made. We work alongside our clients to build a strategy which fits the project and the user’s requirements, is compliant to Information Management standard PAS1192 and Building Information Modelling (BIM) standard BS1192. We can advise on the best-practice for Common Data Environment (CDE) structure, approvals process and collaborative design production from a single source of truth.

Training and Ongoing Technical Support

Our Information Management team can provide training sessions to suit all levels of the supply chain, on a one to one basis, group sessions and Q&A/drop-in forums. D2 can also provide clear and detailed training material to suit specific roles, processes, and procedures.

We feel it is vital for knowledge sharing to form an important part of any project, to aid collaborative working and allow users to work confidently and efficiently within your chosen system on a day to day basis. Our team has further developed their portfolio of remote training resources, including training videos and sessions provided using Microsoft Teams, meaning project teams based at home can easily access training and guidance as needed.

Closeout and Hand back

D2’s Information Management team have had extensive experience in data management throughout the entire project lifecycle. We support teams from set up to closeout and hand back. This information is crucial from start to finish, in order to deliver a successful project and provide future maintainers with clear guides on how they can operate and provide safe maintenance in the future.

When co-ordinating project hand back documentation it is important to have in place robust a Document Deliverables Matrix (DDM). Our team helps populate and coordinate this matrix with the project whilst also providing guidance on common data environments, formatting, workflows and approvals processes, uploading, record compiling and final hand back queries.

For more information please see our Information Management Case Study area.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures provide us with a virtual fingerprint that is unique to the user. The use of digital signatures ensures that documents and drawings have been reviewed and approved for use. Approval of documentation and instructions is a vital part to delivery in both construction and rail industries. Using software packages such as Adobe Sign and DocuSign, D2 have helped Teams to speed up their approvals process, saving time, money and providing the project team with endorsement of their design. D2’s Information Management Team have successfully implemented digital signature procedures on multiple large projects. Using digital signatures has become essential working practise.

Document Control and Technical Clerks

D2 can provide Document Control support both in house and remotely, working with you to provide the best service to suit you and your project. The team manage the transfer and logging of large amounts of electronic data, ensuring full traceability in the design, approval, and review processes.

Our team have gained experience from many Construction and Rail projects and can provide day to day support in a multitude of systems including; Bentley ProjectWise, Bentley AssetWise (previously known as eB), Oracle, Project Vault, For Projects, AutoDesk 360, ASSAI, ASITE, Cab-i-Net, Microsoft 365, Adobe sign and Opentext amongst others.

The team also has experience in fulfilling Technical Clerk roles, supporting engineering and project managers to complete formal processes and project requirements.  By providing clear tracking and reporting of data, actions and issues our team have worked to streamline design integration including IDC/IDR, maintain entry into service documentation improving quality assurance and the timely management of asset data.


Consents form a critical part of major infrastructure projects and can demand a considerable volume of data to be produced. Controlled and organised management of this data is vital for successful project delivery. A Common Data Environment (CDE) is an essential tool when compiling Consents submissions, allowing teams from various disciplines to work collaboratively and comply with relevant BIM standards.

When working on Consents submissions, there is a surplus of data that needs to be managed. This management will be controlled by a designated Information Controller within a CDE. Our Information Controllers maintain tight controls on the quality of the information submitted and promptly process this information promptly to meet project deadlines.

An effective CDE should be able to not only store all required data, but also trace the review and approval processes through the lifecycle of the project. D2’s Information Management team has a wealth of experience in setting up and managing CDEs. Our teams can provide continued support through the Consents process, from the configuration of the CDE that the information will be stored in, to delivery to external parties and the Department for Transport. Our teams strategy includes; effective communication with several key stakeholders, communications plan for engagement with consent granting bodies, approval timelines, associated costs and risks. Our Information Management team set up project processes prior to the work commencing, producing numbering and naming conventions, guidance notes for the CDE, document templates, drawing borders, Photomontage templates and CAD support. All these points are crucial at the beginning of the works to maintain a seamless process when submitting documentation.

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