Utilities Management

We specialise in the management and coordination of utility diversions for major projects and in the provision of consultancy services for schemes that have requirements for utility infrastructure. Sectors include rail, light rail, highways and new developments. D2 has successfully delivered utility diversion solutions across a wide range of projects, both rural and urban providing clients with benefits to both budget and programme. Through extensive knowledge and experience in the utility industry, our Consultancy Service can offer advice and recommendations on new and existing utility services for all types of projects.

Utility Diversions

Utility diversion issues are well recognised both in terms of the risk they can have on project costs and delay to the delivery of programme, as well as other critical issues including safety and
disruption to local areas and members of the public.

As an organisation we have comprehensive experience through involvement on major projects to ensure successful completion of the works. Using our knowledge of the legislation and Statutory Undertakers processes we can appraise, challenge and influence designs leading to improved solutions which in turn can reduce risk, cost and scheme durations.

Our involvement through the projectʼs life cycle can range from feasibility through to delivery or just part schemes. The advantages and savings become more noticeable when we are engaged early in the project, reducing risk and providing programme certainty.

Development Enquiries

At D2, we understand the constraints that utilities can pose to any new development. During the initial planning stage, we can identify all existing utility infrastructure and make enquiries with the relevant utility companies to verify the available capacity within the networks to support development.

Clients will be assured of all diversionary and reinforcement costs to enable the project and establish any key risks that will affect budget and programme.

Consultancy Services

We are successfully delivering utility solutions across a range of projects, providing advice and recommendations for clients and developers on new and existing utility infrastructure. At D2 we offer a pro-active approach to all aspects of utility infrastructure our offerings include:

  • Buried services searches
  • Development enquiries
  • New connections
  • Site feasibility studies
  • Constraints appraisals
  • Disconnections of existing infrastructure
  • Project management of utility related works

New Connections

Early visibility of required new services can be beneficial to planning any new project. Understanding costs and timescales associated with providing new services can mitigate the risk of increasing and unforeseen costs. At D2, we can assist with these applications to determine budget requirements and any abnormal costs such as network reinforcement that may impact on any new development.

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