Planning, Scheduling and Constructability

D2’s planning and scheduling team produces fully integrated multi disciplinary programmes and schedules for both small works and significant programmes of work. Some of the more complex programmes of work are undertaken in true alliancing models with a number of alliance partners. To compliment the production of the programmes and schedules D2 has vast experience in different contract types from NEC to Pure Alliances and across multiple values.

Planning and Scheduling

Initial Programmes and Schedule Production

Our team has the ability to create programmes and schedules from feasibility reports where no accurate detail is available.

Where design is not available, we strive to input into the design stages with constructability information to ensure a robust buildable design is achieved which minimises programme effect caused by
rework due to late or no buildability input.

We can also undertake the production of project or company specific schedule management plans identifying supporting documentation that is required with internal and external reporting requirements.

Construction Programme Production

The team have experience in performing in multiple project delivery roles, under extreme time constraints, and in all conditions. This experience enables the team to find the best solution when creating construction assessments, calling on multiple years of knowledge allowing us to implement a flexible approach. This equips the client with a clear sequence and approach to the execution of the works.

Blockade Programme Integration and Management

We excel in the production and maintenance of fully integrated multi disciplinary hourly possession and blockade programmes. From small possessions to multiple week blockades, we take control of the programme of works providing a clear and verified position of the construction works against the baseline programme.

Design Programme Production

Working closely with engineers and design organisations we have the ability to produce fully integrate multi discipline design programmes to meet key milestones for any size of project. We fully coordinate collaborative planning sessions to ensure the right outputs are planned and the correct interfaces are identified. We understand the interfaces between disciplines and naturally provide a level of healthy challenge to ensure robustness is built into every programme we create. 

4D Logic Linked Programmes/Visualisations

Our in-house staff provide programmes in many forms from traditional Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project programmes to full 4D visualisations and fully logic linked 4D sequences. We have a team of modellers that will produce and rig detailed 3D models of any item of plant which is used in fully animated construction sequences. The construction sequences are used from concept to completion to visualise the programme to key stakeholders and public consultation.

Programme Monitoring & Reporting

During a project lifecycle we provide all levels of reporting from standalone Project Managers through to multi company pure alliances. We have the ability to produce project specific dashboards that can include programme status, Earned Value and KPI management.


At D2, we provide efficient construction planning ensuring early, continuous and consistent integration of construction knowledge into the conceptual planning, design, construction, and operations of a project. Our high calibre team has a proven track record in the rail industry gained from large, complex, multidisciplinary programmes of work and always develop effective design/construction solutions through coordinated assessment and robust challenge.

Construction Assessments/Option Development

Early integration and communication of a project construction strategy is vital to achieve a design and construction programme that is relatively stable and ultimately cost effective.

Box Plans/Access Strategies

Early identification of the Project’s staging and possession access strategy is essential; this requirement has a significant bearing on the likely success of a project.

If disruptive possession access is known early, the access can be agreed with stakeholders in time to provide maximum discount, reducing project cost and improving certainty of delivery.

Early understanding and communication of the construction strategy is essential to influencing design requirements and subsequent design programmes.

Early communication can lead to prevention of late design changes, additional design work, change to construction sequences, which also provides a level of certainty and stability.

D2 has significant experience and success in developing multidisciplinary construction and staging strategies. Our team has successfully developed and managed access strategies on a number of major projects and programmes of work resulting in possession access cost savings and successful work delivery.

Blockade/Possession Programmes

Clear integration of discipline scope, interfaces and logistics is essential to successfully deliver complex possession and blockade works.

D2 has significant experience in creating, developing, and managing multidisciplinary schedules. Our team of multidisciplinary experts can help to define scope, influence methodology and develop an optimum multidisciplinary delivery strategy with agreed interfaces. Our team has successfully developed and managed blockade schedules on a number of highly complex blockades resulting in successful work delivery.

4D Planning

4D Planning software provides a dynamic planning tool that can really help open up communication to create detailed programmes.

Our expert 4D capabilities have been used to develop 4D visualisations for complex blockade schedules, which has proven to be extremely valuable in communicating highly complex programmes across organisations, both internally and externally. Internally, the 4D visualisation is widely used by the project teams to help with integration, remove clashes and optimise logistics between the disciplines. The output is used in white board briefings and in presentations to peer review panels. Externally, the 4D animations have been successfully used in stakeholder engagement.

D2 has identified that when planning and visualisation capabilities work in harmony, the result is a unique product that provides clear understanding of programmes for all.

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