TRU Health & Safety Files – Lessons Learnt Workshop


Health & Safety Files – Lessons Learnt Workshop



D2’s Information Management team support projects from initial set up to closeout and hand back. Information Management is a crucial element for the delivery of a successful project and provides future maintainers with clear guides to operate and maintain their assets long after a project has been delivered. 


At the end of each project our Information Management team host a lessons learnt workshop and go over how we can improve things going forward. We review what went well and what didn’t go well. The health and safety files are an area that sometimes can be left to the last minute and therefore not be compiled correctly or as efficiently as they should be. To combat this on all projects, our Information Management team host workshops at the beginning of a project to guide the team on the best possible process for managing their data. 

The Transpennie Route Upgrade West of Leeds team requested that our team run one of our lessons learnt workshops to their Health and Safety and Project Management teams to support the production of the project health and safety files.   

Challenges and Solutions

Some of the challenges faced when leading these lessons learnt workshops can be resistance to change. A number of the team felt more comfortable compiling the files as they have done previously. We also had some concerns about the data management system and how files then become approved and stored. After demonstrating how the process we were suggesting can actually save the team time and make it easier for the overall efforts put into delivering these files, we then looked at how we support the team further in setting this up. The solutions we came to looked at educating the team in the system and providing extensive guidance notes and point of contact for queries. We also covered workflow approvals processes, clear document deliverables matrices and early engagement with NRG (National Records Group). 


The benefits of providing the Transpire team with a lessons learnt mean they were able to follow a tried and tested process that will help them to efficiently deliver the hand back files for the project in a timely and secure way. In the process of educating the team in systems and approvals processes, we were further upskilling the team and in turn the rail industry as a whole. These documents are an integral part of the project programme and give the operators the information they need to maintain the railway and keep it safe for passengers and those who work along the route.  


“The D2 team were invaluable in this process previously on the Northern Hub project and were fundamental to any success experienced during the technical hand back process. Any lessons learnt from that time have been assessed, understood and have been adopted on the Transpire project to improve Information Management processes and general document and data control. The team continues to provide support and expert technical input which makes things much easier for the wider alliance team.”

Jordan Naylor 
Transpire West of Leeds Project Manager