Developing the Next the Generation of Talent

We are thrilled to announce that D2 has been shortlisted for the APM Educational and Research Awards, in the category of Developmental Programme of the Year. This recognition highlights our unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of project management talent.

Why is this award important to us?
As a provider of Programme Management Services to the infrastructure sector, we are well placed to deliver future generations of project talent, mitigating the industry wide shortfall of critical resources. Our commitment is evidenced by our involvement with the 5% club, where more than 5% of our team are recognised as being in “learn as you earn” development schemes. The criteria for this award aligns closely with 2 of our four core company values.


The heart of D2 lies in our people. Our inclusive recruitment practices together with structured developmental programmes demonstrate our dedication to providing opportunities for candidates from all backgrounds, providing an environment of continuous learning and professional growth.


Competency drives the quality of our delivery. By focusing on robust training and development, we ensure that our team possess the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality project outcomes. This commitment to integrity and excellence is reflected in the high standards we set, with long term client relationships providing evidence of the quality we deliver.

Why have we been shortlisted for this award?
Our outstanding professional developmental programme, blending structured recruitment and practical training through D2’s Competency Framework, forms the backbone of our nomination for this award. Our competency framework is based on the APM Body of Knowledge, providing a structured route map for our team to actively plan their careers, known as our Career Path Framework.

Key highlights of our programme include:

Diverse and Inclusive Recruitment:
In 2023, we advanced our ED&I strategy by launching unconscious bias training for hiring managers and employing Textio for gender-neutral job advertisements. Our approach promotes fair and unbiased recruitment, focusing on candidates’ skills and experiences by anonymising personal details on CVs.

Graduate Programme Structure:
Our 18-month graduate programme is structured in two main phases. The first phase offers a thorough induction with rotational assignments across our various capabilities. The second phase focuses on deep dives into project management, with graduates taking on specific responsibilities under the guidance of senior project managers.

Competency Framework:
Our programme is structured around D2’s Graduate Project Management Competency Framework, divided into four quadrants: Personal Effectiveness, Business Understanding, Project Management competencies, and sector specific competencies. Graduates are provided with specific objectives for knowledge, application, and reflection for each of the 47 competencies, endorsing their progress along the way.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development:
Our graduates participate in professional development activities, such as leadership and public speaking training, and have access to a growing library of ‘Knowledge Share’ sessions. They are also supported through the APM’s Project Management qualifications.

Troy Lancaster
Head of Project and Programme Management
“We are thrilled to have been shortlisted as finalists for the APM Project Management Development Programme of the Year, recognition of a two-year project to develop a comprehensive programme that blends on-the-job learning with structured training and development objectives. I wish all finalists the best of luck to what will undoubtedly be a great night for the industry.”

Lohith Vaddi
Project Management Assistant
“When I joined D2 in 2022 as a graduate with minimal real-world experience, I was eager to learn but equally nervous. A placement with each capability provided a great introduction to D2 and the knowledge sharing sessions provided a good understanding of the challenges faced by the infrastructure sector. Working through the graduate Competency Framework and with the support I have received in completing APM qualifications, D2 have provided me with confidence in my capabilities.”


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